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Get your free illustrated detailed e-guide to eight vivid memorable characters. Let's get them looking at interesting sample responses. Let's help your child master the art of connecting emotions and 'show not tell' to characters in stories.

Let's get them inspired! Let's get them writing!

Help them master 'show don't tell' skills so they can characterise with confidence!

"The soldier's name was Derek. Derek had thick straight black hair, green eyes, a scar on his chin, was tall and wore an eye patch." Sound familiar? Many students struggle to introduce character details bit by bit in a natural, realistic way. They tend to list what I call 'the Derek details' and overload the reader. It takes time for kids to master 'show not tell' and make their characters seem believable. My mission is to help younger children master the art of characterisation. This free illustrated 18-page e-guide is packed with inspiring illustrations and sample written examples to inspire them with ideas for great characters. It will soon elevate their storytelling skills and get them presenting characters 'like a ninja.'

"I used 'show not tell' in my last adventure story when I introduced the headmaster character. It was fun to show bits of his character stage by stage."

Nitin, aged 10

" This guide helped Alfie to write some interesting characters into his timed stories. Some of the new character descriptions he came up with really impressed me. I think he had always had the ability; he just hadn't ever been shown how to use 'show not tell' until Cassie gave him some tips, sample images and encouragement."

Emma, mother of 10-year-old son



Develop Their Writing Strength And Breadth

Develop And Reinforce Their Higher Level Writing Skills

Help your child master the art of using 'show not tell' and implication to establish a story's character in a memorable, realistic way that resonates with the examiner.

Free Their Imagination!

Broaden Their Knowledge Of Setting And Character

The varied examples and images inspire them to craft exciting characters with more depth and detail that connect to their settings and the wider plot in meaningful ways.

Help Children Create More Creative Stories

Cassie's professionally illustrated image prompts and writing examples help students craft detailed and memorable characters so your child can write chaarcters like a ninja!