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Help Gladys Get Her Face Right!

Parents: how precise is your child's punctuation knowledge? Are they exam-ready? Can they separate their speech marks from their semicolons? Do they always apostrophise accurately? Does ellipsis elude them?

You see, Gladys' face is in several spots of trouble. Her face is made from mysterious lines and symbols called punctuation marks. Somehow, all her marks are muddled up. Can you help her get her 'face' back on and all her marks and 'features' in the right parts of her face...before the timer runs out? Your child thinks they can help - but how well?

NOTE: It may take more than one attempt to get Gladys' face perfect. Any lady will tell you that it takes time and effort to look their best...

Help Gladys Get Her Face On !

Draw a big circle on landscape A4. Then, download my resources to follow the next steps. Label Gladys' face correctly, mark by mark.

Use a numbered key code to keep it neat. Can you beat the buzzer?

This is a fun and valuable game for any child who loves games to reinforce learning.

Help Them Master Their Punctuation Marks Quickly And Enjoyably.

'Gladys' may or may not be based on an English teacher!

She was created to help your child identify and understand what common punctuation marks are used, their grammatical functions and whether they connect, separate, or have another specific role in the sentence. Plus, there's a fun drawing activity!

Is It A Connecting Or A Separating Mark?

This short punctuation quiz film can be paused and replayed as often as you need to until Gladys' marks are all masterminded.

They CAN learn the differences between a semicolon and commas!

Learning All Those Vital Punctuation Marks Really CAN be fun!

Mastering all the punctuation marks is an absolute must for all students, particularly if they're applying for entrance exams at the 7+, 10+, 11+ and 13+ entry stages. It's very common for kids to not know all their marks, even by year 6. Score drops in spelling, punctuation and grammar are an easy way for schools to rank students. Investing time and effort into revising and practising those marks - particularly the dash, semicolon and comma - will pay dividends in their English exam.

Make A Dash For This Fun Grammar Resource!

Let's Help Them Achieve Punctuation Perfection!

'Punctuation perfection' is something we can all achieve, if we work at it. Accurate punctuation is one of the few areas students can have 'covered' well in advance of their exam yet so many fail to master those squiggles, spots and lines.

It's a different form of learning to spelling revision. There are just symbolic marks to use and master. This is where the 'Gladys Game' is useful; it can be done anywhere, on just a scrap of paper or out loud whilst playing the mini film clip. My system of teaching punctuation marks also subdivides all the marks' functions up a bit as I've found it really helps kids understand the reasons for the actual marks and why they exist. The three-colour system asks kids to think: do Gladys' marks separate items in a sentence, link them together or have a Very Special Job Of Their Own? Teal, purple or blue?

Let's get them taking punctuation seriously and putting themselves in the very best position for examination success.

Download Your Fun Replayable Gladys Punctuation Quiz By Completing Below:

You Didn’t Come This Far To (Full) Stop!

Make A Dash For This Freebie!

Just download your free video to get started.

Play the short film, then pause it to do the exercise. Younger children will need more time to ponder each mark.

Then, play it again to see how many punctuation marks you placed correctly before the video finished.

How To Use The Mini-Film