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Get your free illustrated detailed downloadable guide to pathetic fallacy. Let's get them working at a higher level and help your child master the art of connecting emotions to settings in stories today.

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a close up of a child's face smiling
a close up of a child's face smiling
"I used storms and shadows in my last horror story and Ioved the way they added more oomph!"

Lucas, aged 9

Help them craft settings and characters with confidence!

"Pathetic fallacy...what on earth is THAT?" It's a common student cry! Consequently, very few kids attempt to use this technique to the full, which is a shame. My mission is to help younger children master this art of connecting emotions to the story setting in stories. My free illustrated guide is packed with inspiring illustrations and sample written examples to inspire them. It will soon elevate their storytelling skills and get them writing darker moody horror and mystery stories 'like a ninja.'

" This guide helped my child improve their storytelling skills immensely. He now tries out more ideas in his writing and the work is more detailed. I highly recommend Cassie's fun and most helpful learning resources."

Olivia, Parent Of Year 6 Child, Bath



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Help your child master the art of using pathetic fallacy to establish a story's mood, setting and atmosphere in impressive depth.

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The varied examples and images inspire them to craft settings with more depth and detail that connect to characters in meaningful ways.

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Cassie's professionally illustrated image prompts and writing examples help students craft detailed and memorable character helpig them write like ninjas!